About the Conference

Approximately 50 corporate leaders will gather for a 1-day conference in Nairobi with another 200 delegates virtually participating through Zoom to deliberate on the climate change impact and the role the private sector can play. The conference will attract keynote speakers from development and international organizations championing climate actions in Kenya. Organizations participating in the conference will have a chance to deliberate on thematic topics in three-panel sessions, plenary, and breakout sessions. 

A senior government official will be the chief guest during the closing session to lead the corporates in signing the climate change 10-point charter. The charter will be the commitment of the private sector on their role and actions. 

To enhance the importance of the event, Nation Media Group will be the media partner and will broadcast the opening session live on NTV and develop news items for both print and TV. Case studies of efforts already made by private sector will also be developed and published on Daily Nation’s Climate Action magazine and commitment videos aired on NTV ahead of the conference. 

The 1-day conference will culminate into a national declaration symbolized by private sector signing a ceremonial white board to stamp their commitment on climate change. 

The event will also recognize the key initiatives that corporates are taking in Kenya and will reward the top three companies who have embraced sustainable practices. A national call for applications will be launched in October and run for one month. A jury of three identified by the steering committee will shortlist applicants and recommend three companies based on agreed merits for the “Sustainable Company of the Year” awards. 

Conference objectives

The 4C Sustainability Conference is built on the backdrop of a global climate crisis and towards the need to rally the private sector and key stakeholders to take actions on climate mitigation and adaptation. It is cognizant of existing efforts already made by both private and public sectors to avert the crisis and therefore seeks to motivate other players using existing and documented case studies. Below are specific objectives:

  1. Demonstrate the efforts of the private sector in mitigating climate change in Kenya 
  2. Identify gaps and intervention in climate action
  3. Develop a national roadmap for a sustainable climate action driven by the private sector
  4. Promote the concept of sustainability among private sector 

Conference outcome

The conference will lead to the development of a 10-point national commitment on climate change and sustainability signed by all stakeholders as a representation of Kenya’s private sector declarations on climate change to be shared with the COP26 secretariat.

Conference date and venue

4C sustainability conference will be held on the 10th of November, 2021 as a hybrid event with physical activities at Strathmore University and virtual participation through the Zoom platform.

Other key dates

Activity Timeline
Application for sustainability awards 15th October 2021
Conference registration 29th October
Pre-conference webinar 3rd November 2021
Airing of corporate commitment videos 1-9th November 2021
Conference 10th November
Publishing of Climate Action Magazine 28th November 2021