Media partner

Nation Media Group (NMG) is the largest independent media house in East and Central Africa with operations in print, broadcast, and digital media, which attract and serve unparalleled audiences in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda, and entire Africa through its recently launched online www. nation. Africa platform. As a brand, NMG is committed to generating and creating content that will inform, educate and entertain our consumers across the different platforms, keeping in mind the changing needs and trends in the industry. NMG’s journalism and communication solutions seek to positively transform society through collaborative content partnerships and special projects aimed at raising public awareness on matters of public interest that require action.

Through its communication platforms, NMG hopes to provide a forum for a robust national conversation on climate change so as to elicit a positive response from both public and private players including individual persons.
This engagement is part of the Nation Media’s new content partnerships initiative aimed at co-creating and packaging content on matters of national interest with the intention of influencing policy, public opinion, behavior change, and contributing to sustainable socio-economic growth and development.

NMG, KCIC, and other partners are currently publishing a monthly magazine dubbed Climate Action focusing on different thematic areas affected by climate change. The monthly publication is carried on Daily Nation and is intended to prepare Kenya for the 4C-Kenya conference, a side event of the COP26 both to be held in November 2021.