Funding Partners

IKEA Foundation, is committed to tackling some of the root causes of inequality: poverty, the consequences of climate change, and lack of resources such as clean air, energy, and fertile land. Families need both financial stability and a healthy environment if they and their children are to thrive. Improving livelihoods and protecting the planet are inseparable.

Through its grantmaking, IKEA Foundation works with partners to help people and communities with the fewest resources build livelihoods and support their families. The Foundation’s learning has been that of creating a lasting impact and need to actively seek ways to engage in dialogue and collaboration with local organizations and communities.

Beyond the grantmaking, it’s also important that different perspectives and pathways are represented and understood. IKEA Foundation is committed to amplifying the voices of partners and local communities to ensure a fair, inclusive, and balanced debate around each of the areas where it operate: rural livelihoods, refugee livelihoods, employment and entrepreneurship, access to renewable energy, and climate action.

If we it were to be successful, ending inequality should be central to everything it does an endorsement. For more information visit: –

The Financial Sector Deepening Kenya (FSD Kenya) is an independent trust dedicated to the achievement of an inclusive financial system that supports Kenya’s long-term development goals. We work closely with the government, the financial services industry, and other partners to develop financial solutions that better address the real-world challenges faced by low-income households, enterprises, and underserved groups such as women and youth. Link to there website:-